Fire and Fragrance Discipleship Training School Lecture period Nov 2011-Dec 2011

Hello people,

I know it’s been a while since my last update. 4 months to be exact. Sorry, I’m so bad at updating. I’m not going to give you the whole update in now. I’m going to break it up to make the reading lighter. As I stated in the last update back in early November, the Discipleship Training School I was volunteering with, was a little past one month into the 3 month lecture phase. We had seen so much for our school until then. Students were getting breakthroughs in seeing who God is, faith was rising, and people were excited about Jesus. It was an exciting time. Our worship and prayer times were getting better and better. Students were getting hungrier and hungrier. Even though I saw this I was still struggling with the packed schedule we had as staff, having to go to all the lectures, prayer room sets, and all the other events we had each week, on top of discipling students and preparing for outreach. It was a very full schedule to say the least and sometimes I just wanted to miss some things. God gave me the grace to somehow make it to most things and looking back it was so worth it.

There was one guy that was in our class that I had the hardest time discipling. This guy was probably one of the most passive and inexpressive people I have met. He would sit in the back of class and never participate. He barely talked. He would sit in the back of the prayer room by himself. When we talked he would never talk and I would have to pry things out of him to find out about him. I was so frustrated that I didn’t see the point of him going on outreach because I thought I would have to “pull teeth” everyday, just to get him to participate. And he was on my outreach team to Japan, which meant he was in my small group, and which also meant I had to spend time with him one on one. More about him later.

The rest of the lecture topics were Biblical World view in which Tom Osterhous stressed the importance having the Bible as our map in navigating this world. There were so many good examples of how things go wrong when people start letting the views of the world override the Bible, like in entertainment and government. The last lecture he talked about how ideas have consequences. He brought up good examples of communism and other ideas which led to many people being senselessly killed through genocides and other means.  He showed how each regime had thousands to millions of people killed. Here are some of the regimes and the consequences of the idea of Communism.

The Cost of Communism(Number of Deaths)
Hungary                          27,000
Nicaragua                       60,000
Cuba                               102,722
East Germany               100,000
Mongolia                       100,000
Albania                          100,000
Angola                           100,000
Czechoslovakia            197,000
Mozambique                200,000
Bulgaria                        222,000
Laos                               300,000
Romania                       435,000
Poland                        1,585,000
Vietnam                     1,600,000
Ethiopia                     1,400,000
Afghanistan               1,500,000
Yugoslavia                 1,172,000
North Korea              2-3.5 Million
Cambodia                  2,397,000
USSR                        61,911,000
China                        76,702,000

The topic after that was Holy Spirit this was a really good week because Kenny Peavy showed us how to wait on the Holy Spirit. This was also the week in which finance deadlines were due. We had to have all the unpaid lecture and outreach fees in. One time we had an offering time in which we put names of the people who needed their outreach fees on the board. We prayed and asked God who to give to and how much and also if there was anyone we needed to contact about giving. We saw $16,549 come into our school in like an hour. This is also the week in which my really passive student got rocked. It happened during a ministry time in which Kenny Peavy did Holy Spirit Baptism. I was out that morning because I had to take care of some stuff. When I came back they were right in the middle of ministry. I saw one of my other staff members with the passive student and the staff was screaming all the truths of God to him. He was telling him that he was not meant to be silent and that he was created with a voice and so on. That he was a warrior. He got him to stand on a chair. I went over and helped. I told him that he needed to scream out. And he did. It was so awesome. He was emotional and everything. Everyone was so excited when he did it. I felt like a proud father at the little league world series and my boy just hit a home run.

The topic after that was worship and intercession. During this lecture Jiwan Bae discussed the importance of true worship. Jinhee Yim also taught on the importance of intercession. It was during this week, we had a final deadline for outreach fees so we did another offering. Some students needed like as much as $4,000. This time we saw $98,000 come in for the whole school in 5 hours! Wow, come on!!!! Students and people from outside gave. It was so crazy to see students get their deficit amounts lower and lower to zero. By the end of class every student was paid in full except for 2 families, who got all their funds later. Both these families needed like $20,000 to go but they got most of it through donations. God is such a provider and this is an example of how He miraculously provided.

Then the following week was corporate week in which some of the campus leaders talked about various topics. We did a lot of practical application during this week in which we preached to each other and prayed fervently for each other. The following week was on revival and missions in which the speaker gave us real life examples of his ministry in a dangerous part of the world, which really stirred something in our students hearts. This was the last week before we were to go on outreach.

Also as I mentioned before, my mom was getting her own experiences with God in a Discipleship Training School for Koreans on the same campus. It was so good to see her and talk to her about the amazing things she was experiencing. One week my mom’s DTS did an inner healing called plum line where people would share their painful experiences in front of the whole class and the leaders would pray for them and help them get healing from that. My mom didn’t want to do it because she was scared of what others thought of her. She had so many wounds from family and other people. I encouraged her and prayed for her to do it and eventually she did. She got so much out of it, because she went back to when she was little. Seeing my mom having such a good time in DTS made my experience when I was going through hard times easier. She was shining in the way God made her. Everyone in her school and others on campus loved her because she is so funny and the life of the party.  I was so pumped seeing my mom going through this and anticipating her getting to experience outreach too.

Thanks for everything guys:)


Let the fire burn!! First month of Fire and Fragrance Bilingual DTS!

Wow, so much has happened since my last update. It’s been about 1 month since the students arrived here for DTS(Discipleship Training School). I am staffing the Fire and Fragrance DTS, which is intense school that focuses on prayer and worship. This is the first time that Fire and Fragrance is a bilingual school, Korean and English. It’s so awesome that the class is pretty diverse with a good mix of Koreans, Americans, and other nationalities. It’s such a pleasure to have people from different cultures and languages, but it will be a challenge to integrate and form unity, which is my heart. Fire and Fragrance has a vision to expand out into other locations throughout the world and this is another step to do that. Arrival day was so special. Meeting students, that we had been praying for and just speaking with over the phone was so sweet. And seeing my mom on arrival day made it even sweeter. If you didn’t know, my mom is doing DTS!!!! An answer to 6 months of planting seeds and prayer. Seeing our students getting excited during orientation day was so amazing. I also found out that I met one of the students from Azerbaijan in Turkey during my DTS outreach in April. I remember talking to him about doing a DTS.

On the first week of lecture Andy Byrd, the founder of Fire and Fragrance, spoke on the extravagant love of God. The students got rocked. He talked about how if we knew the extravagant love of God that everything in this world wouldn’t even compare, like temptation to sin and material things. This really challenged me because I didn’t know if I really understood that kind of love. I asked God to help me experience it that week. During that week, one of our students who wasn’t saved yet, gave his life to Christ!!!! Praise God. So awesome! We also started local outreach in Kona, Hawaii.

On the second week, Loren and Darlene Cunningham spoke about giving up your rights. The students got really challenged about giving up their rights to everything from comfort, to finances, to entitlements, and etc. This was also the week we announced outreach teams. The students were so eager to know where they were going that they kept asking us where they were going before we even made final decisions. The focus of our school’s outreaches are Pyeongyang, North Korea to Jerusalem, Israel. There are 5 teams: North Korea/South Korea, North Korea/China, Japan, Oman, and Israel. With the help of another leader, I am leading the team to Japan. This is a dream come true for me as I have a heart for the Japanese people to know Jesus. Our outreach team we started meeting as a small group. The first meeting, I had them start out with a powerful time of sharing testimonies, so that it would create unity and people would understand where each one was coming from.

On the third week, Tom and Donna Cole taught Pure Hearts, which is an inner healing through the beatitudes. The Coles are such a special couple to me because I was in their small group for a seminar this summer and went on outreach with them to Alaska. They taught on mother wounds, father wounds, confession, unforgiveness, true femininity, and true masculinity. In each teaching they gave students the opportunity to get healing during ministry times. So many of them came up and did. There were so many tears cried and some of them let out emotions that had been bottled up for years. Many of them had serious father/mother issues and some had even been abused. Wow, it was so hard not to cry with them as they cried. During this week, I started to feel the extravagant love of God that I wanted to experience on the first week. I got more of God’s heart for the brokenhearted. This definitely reinforced the fact that He feels all the pain of the brokenhearted(Psalm 34:18). The Coles bring help to bring healing and freedom to so many people, which also stops wounds from going down the generations. I love the Coles so much. Everyone should do this! Also during this week, we prayed for someone who wasn’t part of our class for his foot, which got injured during a soccer game. He got healed instantly and then a student’s ankle got healed. He was in so much unbelief because the pain was totally gone and started running and jumping around the classroom. Another girl’s ankle started feeling better as she prayed for him. We prayed for someone else but she didn’t get healed. Regardless this was such a big faith builder.

The fourth week(last week) was about freedom and was taught by Matt Nelson. During his teaching we went after all the things that hold us bondage, like religion, passivity, and more. Throughout the teaching, the students would pray fervently to break off the things that were holding them bondage. So many students got freedom!! This week was also the week that the students had to have all their lecture fees in and half of the outreach fees. One of the students in my small group didn’t have all her fees, but every time I asked her about it she wasn’t worried and had faith that God would come through. The week before the deadline, we got news that someone donated to my team to her from someone she didn’t know. She got all her lecture fees and some of her outreach. It was so awesome seeing everyone’s reaction when we announced the news. We also had a 24 hour prayer and worship burn, which was amazing. This was a hard week for me as I have been struggling with issues in my family. Through this trial, the Enemy has been really attacking me and taking a hold of a lot my thoughts and emotions. I have also been having some doubts of being qualified as a leader. I know that this will pass and that God will show me, like he always does, that He is in control and will get me through this. Other members of our staff and students also got some really strong spiritual attacks from the Enemy this week, but that’s expected and means we’re on the right track.

I have so many hopes and dreams for my students here at DTS. I want to see them healed, equipped, and launched out into their callings. I want to see them go to the nations and stay there. I want to see them change the world. All this will happen. This is just the start. Also, seeing my mom getting the breakthrough and healing has been amazing. She has a dream and calling which God put in her but wasn’t able to accomplish because of some issues in our family and finances. Every time I see her here, I thank God that she is here.

As we finish up the lecture phase of DTS, we need prayer for the students to finish strong and not fall into the traps of the Enemy. Our students and staff are getting hit with a lot of spiritual warfare, as is expected as we are pushing light forward. As a school, we still have alot of heavy things to go through like Biblical World View, Holy Spirit, and so on. Another challenge is that the staff have so much to do to get each team prepped for outreach. I need prayer that I can be the leader that God created me to be. That I would be bold and obedient in all things. As I prepare to go to Japan, there are many challenges in planning such as getting housing, which so far we don’t have any in Tokyo, one of the cities we’re going to. The YWAM base in Tokyo is asking us to pray for a hotel that they are looking to purchase, so that they can host teams and staff. They want to host as many teams as possible to go and do ministry in Tokyo. Also, please pray for those that don’t have all their finances for outreach. We are believing in full faith that God will provide, including myself and coleader. We are going to one of the least Christian nations for missions in the world, with 1% of the population being Christian. As we have been meeting and also as I have met people with a heart for Japan, everyone is feeling that now is the time for Japan. That its about to blow up. The ground has been plowed and now it’s time for harvest. Thanks so much reading.<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-142" title="our class

Alaska Revival Continued and Change in Plans

A lot has happened since my last update. In Wasilla, we went to King’s Chapel and prayed for some of the people there. This lady gave me $12 for the team. It was so precious because she was a missionary in Alaska and she probably didn’t have much money. I’m pretty sure it was alot of money for her. It reminded me of the woman in the Bible who gave a few Denari, all she had. It really moved me.  During our ministry time at the First Presbyterian Church, a young man decided to give his life to the Lord. We also got to share a lot of things that made the kids think like, spending time with God and breaking off passivity.

When we went back to Fairbanks we spent time mostly in ministry with a local church, Door of Hope, to bring revival. We held worship meetings. We also went to a youth meeting, Thirst, where we taught being wiling to sacrifice their lives for Jesus. We challenged them to come up to the front if they were willing to. Many came up and we prayed for them. Then the worship set caught fire and we all had so much fun! Then 24/7 Burn did a 24 hour prayer burn at Door of Hope Church. There were many worship teams, including ours, involved. We prayed for the land of Alaska and other things. It was amazing and we did a lot of spiritual warfare. One of our teammates, Jedidiah, rapped in public for the first time and he was so good.

Then on our evening off we went to some hot springs to relax. While there we evangelized to many people. Three people were baptized in the Holy Spirit and two girls gave their lives to Christ. Come on!

Then we spent time with the church doing a lot of breaking off of fears and unbelief. Many people repented and got freedom from these. During the last day, I was there we went to the University of Alaska to do worship outside and got to pray some of the students. Then to cap off my trip God showed us the Northern Lights that night.  The lights actually moved like God was painting the sky with water colors and the paint was going all over the canvas in crazy patterns. It was so crazy. :D. And I was trying to leave the night before. I’m so glad the tickets worked out like that.

I left the Alaska outreach early because I decided to staff Fire and Fragrance DTS(Discipleship Training School) in Kona, Hawaii. For over a week, I was really struggling because i started to think about staffing DTS again. Back in March, I thought about staffing Fire and Fragrance. When I was in Circuit Riders, I thought about it some more but couldn’t make up my mind. When I decided to go to Alaska on outreach, I thought the decision was clear not to staff since the trip ended September 15, which is only 2 weeks before the school starts. Then when my mom said that she was willing to do a DTS, I thought it was a no-brainer since I told her I would support her if she decided to do a DTS. I was all prepped to go back home and work to pay her bills and stuff. I talked to the school leader online and as she told me about the school, I let it all out about how I was still thinking about the school but was conflicted because of my mom. She told me that I should ask God what my calling was for me and not to worry about my family.

As the week went on, the decision didn’t get easier and I really didn’t want to even tell my mom that I was thinking about staffing. I didn’t want her to discourage her from going and didn’t want to disappoint her. So I tried to delay the decision and tried not to think about it. Then about a week later, I finally told her and after convincing her that it would be ok and that she would be able to go, she was ok with it. I talked to my brother, who was visiting from L.A. with the possibility of staying. When I asked him if he would help support my mom, he said he would. I made the decision to staff. And I flew back to Atlanta to spend time with my family for only 3 days. It was such a good time. Had a family worship and prayer time. It was like I just brought Circuit Riders to my family.

I spent most of my time with family. But did get to stop by the place I used to work at. It was so good catching up. I spent some time with one of the managers I didn’t like but reconciled before I left, which made our relationship good.  During our conversation he ended up giving me money. I was so shocked and wanted to give it back to him but I felt like God was telling me to keep it, so I told him I would use it for my outreach. Then at the auto parts store the guy who was helping me said that my battery was bad. He called another store to see if the warranty was still valid, which they couldn’t find my info. I went ahead and told him that God had a big plan for him and that God was going to use Him for great things. Then I prayed for him. As soon as I finished the other store called back and said they found my info. I got a free battery. Come on! If I just left and not have prayed I would have never gotten it.

I got to back to Kona on Sunday night and have been in staff training, which has been really good. It’s also been so good to get to know my fellow staff. And reading some of the student apps and praying over them has been really creating excitement in my heart. We will find out which outreach we will be leading tomorrow. God is so so good. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Revival in Alaska!

Revival is here in beautiful Alaska! We started about a week and a half ago with the Pure Hearts conference in Fairbanks led by our amazing leaders Tom and Donna Cole, which is an inner healing of wounds through the beatitudes. People got set free from mother & father wounds, unforgiveness, and other wounds. Freedom! Also, during the church service at Open Door Church, we were led to let the Holy Spirit take over the service. Some people got physically healed too. The worship team went into prophetic worship as soon as we prayed for them to get released into it. Come on!

Then we went to Minto, a Native village in Alaska, to minister to the village since they just lost one of the elders. We were originally scheduled go there to put on a Pure Hearts conference but because of the death it was cancelled. It was really sad because the elder died on his son’s wedding day. His son, Keith, is a believer and was a part of Open Door Church in Fairbanks. We comforted and prayed for people in the village. The spirit of death runs deep through the Native community and through all of Alaska as well. Keith’s brother committed suicide 5 years ago and his cousin committed suicide 2 months ago. I believe he said his uncle did too. Alcohol is another big problem. Keith used to be an alcoholic and his sisters are too. His baby’s mother died because of alcohol. Even through this tragedy we were able to comfort and pray for them. We also made a donation to help Keith and his wife have a honeymoon to Hawaii since they wanted to go but didn’t seem like they had the money to go.

We’ve been in Wasilla for the last few days bringing revival to youth worship services in which we prayed for people, led worship, and preached. One boy’s ankle got healed. Yesterday, we did worship, preached, and prayed for people at the state fair. Today, at 2 church services we prayed for people which was really good. The highlights of our trip have been seeing God work through inner healing, physical healing, comfort in grieving, and people set free from bondage. We have been so blessed with generosity from getting free places to stay, to free meals, monetary donations, and much more. Please pray that we are able to bring more Jesus to Alaska. Pray that people’s hearts would be open. Pray for the breaking of alcoholism, depression, and suicide in this place. Pray for more unity in our team, because disunity is a revival killer.

As far as my personal life, I really need prayer for my family. Since, my mom has decided to do a DTS in September in Kona, my family has been attacked. We’ve always been under attack but now its more and I can really see it clearly. I’ve been praying for my mom to do a DTS or something like it since March. I had alot of unbelief about my family but it started to break off in the last couple of months. The day after my mom decided to do it, my grandmother fell and broke her hip. My mom takes care of my grandmother and it is really hard on her. This makes it really hard for her because now she thinks she has to take care of her while she recovers, if she does. I told her not to worry that if God wants her to do a DTS, He will make everything work out for her to do it. I’m praying that she gets healed and if she doesn’t by then, that my uncle or aunt, who aren’t willing, to take care of her. I’m also believing that my dad will do a DTS, which is a harder case but God can change him. Please pray for revival in my family. Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Peace and love.

Revival: Circuit Riders

Hello men and women of God,

Just wanted to tell you about the Circuit Riders class that I’ve been taking at YWAM. The Circuit Riders were men who rode on horseback from town to town to town spreading revival across England and America. No town was too small and they devoted their lives to revival. I’ve only been here for 2 weeks but so much has happened. I feel like I’ve been here for months. It’s like trying to drink water from a fire hose. God has helped me break off unbelief, break off fear by practicing, get freedom in so many areas, build my faith, and believe in bringing revival to the nations. I still have a lot to get rid of and much more growth that will happen. The cool thing about is that I have no strength to do any of this, because God is the only one who we are dependent on. We’ve been applying what we learn on our community outreaches, from people getting saved to people getting healed.

I just wanted to share this Podcast with you guys so that you can fired up about what God is doing in the world. After our lecture seminars, we are going on outreach to bring revival to America and to the nations.  Many of us are being launched into our callings. My team will be going to Alaska for a month to bring revival and do a healing seminar called, Pure Hearts. There are other teams going to Orange County, DC, Nepal, Ireland, Japan, and the Ivory League Universities of America. Below is the Podcast link. Listen to “Heart of a Revivalist”. All of us are capable of being who God called us to be. To make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19. You are created to do great things for God and if you don’t, you won’t be satisfied. Revival is inside of us, not at a church or worship service. It’s time for us to rise up and bring revival to America and the rest of the world!!!!

Listen to “Heart of a Revivalist”

One more for the Kingdom!-May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tonight, Victor and I were playing pool at our hostel when a Middle Eastern man named “Henry” introduced himself to us. He wanted to shoot my shot, so I allowed him. He was drunk and something seemed to be bothering him. Then, we got into conversation to get to know him more, during which we talked to him about God. Henry explained that he was in the insurance business and how it was a lot of work. He gave us his business card, which had his father’s contact information as well. Henry, then, pointed to his father’s information and told us how he was no longer a part of his business, because his father had cheated him. He went further to tell us that he worked hard to provide for his mother and other family members. We told him that he was a good son and also told him he needed to forgive his dad. We then prayed for him to have comfort and many other things. I continued to tell him about Jesus and that he could be a follower of Jesus and still remain Middle Eastern culturally. I felt like God was telling me to ask him if he wanted to receive Christ, so I asked him. Henry said that he was interested, but he had to go pick up his friend, but he would come back. Hoping he would come back, but not sure if he would be back, I went up to my room.

While in my room I explained the story to Alex and Josh. About 30 minutes passed by since Henry left, when Victor came to and asked me where I had been, because Henry was in the courtyard waiting for me. Excited, I went out to go talk to him. At his request, we went to a room, what seemed like a TV room, that was more private.    I explained to Henry who Jesus was and why we needed him. He told me that he had a friend who goes to mother Mary’s house and how he felt peace when he when he went there. I explained that how Mary was just Jesus’s mother and how she is not to be worshiped. Then, I explained how to receive Jesus as his savior and he wanted to go ahead and receive. He asked me if he had to do the prayer in a certain way, like the hand gestures that Catholics do. I told him no and then we concluded to pray a prayer to ask Jesus to enter into his heart. Afterwards, Henry said that he felt different, like a feeling that he hadn’t felt before. He felt peace. Then he pulled something out of his wallet. It was Iraqi money with Sadam Hussein’s face on it, which was attached to a prayer card. He gave me the money as a present. Then he told me that he didn’t need the prayer card anymore and I agreed with him. He gave it to me and told me to do with it what I wanted to. I told him I would destroy and discard it because he no longer needed to look at it anymore and he said to do whatever I wanted. I think he gave it to me because he couldn’t do away with it, because it was ingrained in him that this prayer card brought him luck or that it was holy, which is the case among his religion because these prayers are considered holy and they are written in the holy language. Then he gave me a seed, which was some sort of financial good luck seed. He told me to do with it whatever I wanted, because he didn’t need it anymore. I told him I would throw it away because he didn’t need it anymore. I told him that I would throw it away. Then, he took out his national ID card, which had his religion listed. He told me that he should change it and I told him he didn’t have to worry about that since that was just a formality. I told him he could be Middle Eastern and still follow Jesus. It would have also got him into serious trouble if he tried to change it since it is illegal to be anything but the religion of the state.

Then I asked him if he wanted to pray so that he could start doing it. He said he didn’t, so I told him I would pray for him. While I was praying, Henry stopped me and told me that he was seeing Jesus’s face. He especially described Jesus’s eyes. He was saying that they were different colors. I was amazed that he saw a vision like that on his first prayer since accepting Jesus. This encounter made my whole trip to the Middle East so worth it. Thank you Jesus!

Indian man accepts Christ during a breakfast conversation: May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

This morning, at a hostel in Middle East, Alex Han helped someone receive Christ. It all started at breakfast when Alex sat down when one of the travelers from New Zealand, Steve, sat down next to him. Alex remembered that I told him that Steve seemed really lost and he seemed like he was running away from something in his life that may have been caused by pain. Remembering that, Alex started to talk to him about God. While he was talking to Steve, an Indian couple came and sat down next to him and Kimberly, our leader. The couple overheard Alex talking to Steve, which sparked their interest. After Steve left, Alex was led to talk to the Indian couple. He started to talk to the man, Shakir, and Kimberly talked his wife. Shakir was very spiritual, but didn’t have a defined religion. Alex talked to him about Jesus and having a relationship with him. Then, he explained how to receive Christ as his savior and invited Shakir to do it with him. Shakir received Jesus as his savior. Afterwards, his face was different and he was much happier. Alex gave him his bible when he found out that the man didn’t have one.